2017 Classes Are Under Way!

Happy New Year! We’re thrilled to say that we now have a variety of classes on a regular basis each month. Classes include electronics, auto-mechanics, woodworking, fiber arts and instrument making.  We’ve also set up online registration to make signing your child up easier. Please visit our registration page for more details.

Our new classroom space in Denver is almost completed and we had our first class in it over the weekend. What an absolute blast! The new space is going to work out extremely well and we’re so grateful for it.  Our students pulled their very first engine, removed the doors and got closer toward our goal of restoring the ’75 Jeep. Soon they’ll remove the axles, transmission and transfer case and learn to rebuild all these parts. We’re so proud of all they’re learning and accomplishing.

Here are some photos of our students hard at work and some photos our how our space is coming along! Please visit our facebook page for a great video of the moment the engine was pulled, too.

What a Year!

As we wind down 2016 we find ourselves exceedingly excited for 2017. This year is ending with our first corporate sponsors, new partnerships, new students, getting our building in Denver ready for classes and becoming one of Emma’s top 25 nonprofits. Thank you to everyone for all your help and support in making our first year a success. We are humbled and grateful.

Starting in the new year we’ll have a variety of new classes starting as well as more sections of auto-mechanics. A few folks have asked for online class signups and we’re setting that up on our website. In addition, we’re setting up a store section with T-shirts, coffee mugs and a few other items to help support our programs.

At T.A.C.T. we love to build and create! Here are some photos of us and some volunteers preparing our new classrooms:

Our New Workspace!

We are extremely excited to share we have an amazing new workspace in the heart of Denver.  Our new space will be a perfect homebase for our classes. We’ll now be able to offer even more sections of classes in woodworking, auto-mechanics, fiber arts and electronics. Our electronics classes will now include robotics and computer programing.  Classes will start in January in our new location! There’s plenty of parking and tons of room for us to grow and reach more children and families.

If you have a child interested in signing up for a class you can do that here. Please note our class size is 1-6 so classes may fill up quickly.

As we settle in and remodel our new space we’ll need your donations to help us. We need shelves for storage, tables, lamps, couches, chairs, tools, etc. Since we’re 501(c)(3) your donations are tax deductible.  

Here are some photos of the “before”. Can’t wait to see what we can make it together!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We have a lot to be grateful for and we recognize that. The response and support from the community has been so encouraging and we appreciate you all. We couldn’t do it without you. We’re grateful for you letting us enter your lives and teach your amazing children. We know that together we can spark an interest or create a lifelong passion for trades and learning. A big thanks too to our amazing Board – Becky, Michael and Sonia. They have put in so much work and effort to promote, grow and share TACT. Thank you all!


On a different note, we’ll have some very exciting news soon on several fronts. As we grow our need is increasing for tools and supplies. If you’re interested in donating we could use things like wood, storage containers, shelves and woodworking and automotive tools. Please contact us if you’re interested in donating. We are a 501(c)(3) and we can talk to you about tax deductions for your donations.

Finally, here are some photos of our amazing students over the last few classes. We’ll have an array of regular classes starting in January so please contact us to learn more.

Classes In Session

We’ve started some of our Fall classes and it’s so wonderful to see our amazing students thriving and enjoying themselves. We’re grateful to the families and organizations that are helping us with all our TACT classes.

Our 75’ Jeep Cherokee Restoration is under way and the students are off to a great start. We’re going to keep a detailed list of all the lessons they’ve learned and what is left to do as we work on the truck.

Our first fiber arts classes are also beginning! Our students started their first project by learning how to sew weighted blankets. Many skills were learned with this simple project, such as measuring, cutting, pinning, sewing, and finishing techniques. We are so proud of their first adventures in sewing!

We have launched!

This past week we celebrated our launch! Dr. Temple Grandin (http://www.templegrandin.com) was kind enough to come out and support us. It was so amazing to have her support and excitement behind what we’re doing. She’s an incredible human being with many important insights into the world of Autism Spectrum Disorder and the enormous opportunity trade skills will provide. A big thank you to all who attended and supported us!

Here are some photos from a delightful evening.

TACT Students Built A 3D Printer!

We’ve been busy gearing up for a fun and varied group of our trade and vocational classes. We had an electronics pilot class this past weekend and our students built a 3D printer from scratch. We were so proud of them. What a tremendous amount of work and learning!

This will be the first of many such electronics classes. If you have a child passionate about technology, please contact us for more information.

Please check out some photos from the class:

Off & Running!

We’re so excited to announce our regular classes will start next month, in October. We’ll have a couple exciting projects we will be working on.

First, the restoration of a 1975 Jeep Cherokee Chief. Our students will learn how to rebuild an engine, suspension, brakes, wiring and body work in this fun and exciting project. The truck is currently not running and think about how cool it’s going to be when our students bring this truck back to life!


Second, we’ll be building 3D printers! Our electronics classes will start with this exciting and cutting edge project.

Additionally, we will have classes in fiber arts and woodworking. It’s going to be great.  Please contact us for more details.

Again a big thank you to the Stapleton Music Lab for hosting our pilot class last month. We’re so excited to announce we’ll have our first regular host with Garden. They’re an amazing group and we can’t to start with them in October.